COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

Masks are required for all campuses and any location offering BHCC classes.

Vaccination is required for all Spring 2022 on campus classes and for any student coming to campus to access services. Students must submit vaccination documentation before they can register for an on-campus course.

How To Upload Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

If you are already vaccinated against COVID19 (with Pfizer, Moderna, or J&J vaccines) please submit your documentation (a picture of your vaccine card) via BHCC Self-service or by using this direct link: If you need assistance, view the how to video below.

How to Send Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card to BHCC

COVID-19 Vaccine Exemption

Students seeking a medical exemption may request an exemption at

Since the COVID-19 immunization requirement is being put in place as the result of the global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including rising cases, BHCC is unable at this time to offer religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination requirement.

* Exemptions and accommodations are not guaranteed. Personal and philosophical reasons for not getting vaccinated are insufficient, and requests of this nature will be denied.