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Just-A-Start Corporation

BHCC Building the Biotechnology Workforce in the Greater Boston Area

Biotechnology workforce

  • The Cambridge Biomedical Careers Program (CBCP) is a partnership between BHCC’s Workforce Development Center, the Just-A-Start Corporation and the City of Cambridge.

  • Eighteen students graduated in May 2012 from the CBCP program, going on to careers in the biomedical industry at local biotech firms, from start-ups to international corporations.

  • More than 360 BHCC grads of the CBCP program are currently employed in 15 different local biotech firms.

  • CBCP targets low-income Cambridge residents who complete a free nine-month 18-credit program leading to entry-level jobs in the greater Cambridge area.

  • CBCP’s placement rate in jobs in more than 70 percent, with an average starting salary of nearly $36,000.