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Reopen Summary

In March 2020, as a statewide state of emergency was declared and shelter-in-place orders issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, BHCC leadership activated the College‚Äôs Emergency Management Plan Annex H-Pandemic or Disease Outbreak.  The Emergency Management Team ordered the closure of all campus facilities.  To maintain mission essential functions, staff and faculty throughout the College carried out an intensive training and capacity building effort over a two-week period that converted all instruction, student services and administrative functions to remote operation.  All BHCC classes re-launched for remote delivery on March 30.

As shelter-in-place orders were extended through April, BHCC leadership activated the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP).  Remote operations were maintained through the remainder of the spring semester, and it remained uncertain as to how long conditions of the pandemic would require the campus to remain fully or partially closed.  On May 1, 2020 President Eddinger convened an inter-disciplinary team of College administrators, faculty and staff to plan a gradual return to campus over summer and fall, and to oversee compliance with state and local reopen guidance and workplace safety standards.  The Team consists of representatives from:

  • Academic, student service, and administrative areas
  • Unions and participatory governance
  • Charlestown and Chelsea campuses

The team also includes all areas of expertise needed to develop and carry out the various elements of the reopen plan.