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Au Pair Weekend Program Student Testimonials

"This class is a must-do for any au pair. The lessons are extremely helpful - definitely something we would use at some point during our stay in America. We got the opportunity to meet and fully interact with the rest of our classmates from all over the world. The instructors were amazing -- they were very helpful and they made the weekend a lot of fun for all of us. It was honestly way more than what I had expected. I feel like there is a good balance between class time and time spent on field excursions. I have done both classes, and they were amazing. By far, the best classes I have taken in America."

Samantha Barnard, South Africa, Cultural Care Au Pair

"It's a lot of fun! You learn so much about the opportunities in your community and you have a chance to meet other au pairs. … All the activities in- and outside the classroom made it really interesting."

Jaanika Toigist, Estonia, Au Pair Care

"It is a fun-filled and interesting course. I would definitely recommend it to any au pair."

Anouchka du Toit, South Africa, Cultural Care Au Pair

"This is a fun class with friendly and helpful instructors, classmates from all over the world, and topics that relate to you and your au pair year. You make new friends and learn a lot about the culture of your new home as well as the culture of your home country."

Stella Mudersbach, Germany, Au Pair Care

"The course is amazing! Try it -- you won't be disappointed!"

Yolandie Burger, South Africa, Go Au Pair

"This class exceeded my expectations. I thought it was going to be boring, but I realized that it's possible to learn about history and culture in a very fun and interesting way. Thank you!"

Aline Martins, Brazil, Cultural Care Au Pair

"Every day when the class was over I felt good and had the feeling that I had done something good."

Judieth Schopen, Germany, Cultural Care Au Pair

"I already did one weekend course at a different college, and I regretted that. So I didn't expect much, but I was totally surprised! The instructors were motivated and we students felt that they really wanted to be with us for the weekend!"

Laura Braumi, Germany, Eur-Aupair

"I expected that the class would be boring, but I really loved it! We had a lot of interesting activities and fieldtrips. This was the best class I have ever had in my life!"

Ieva Klauss, Latvia, Expert Au Pair

"The classes are even better than I hoped, and I had a lot of fun! I think the volunteering in the first class is a very positive aspect, but I liked the second class even better. I also really liked the way the teachers and students interacted together."

Berit Wingen, Germany, Au Pair in America