English Study for Au Pairs

Do you want to improve your English skills in a short period of time?  Then English Study for Au Pairs is for you!

In this program classes run four days a week for six weeks.  Class each day runs five hours.  You will receive 20 hours of classroom instruction per week.  By the end of six weeks, you will receive 120 hours of classroom instruction. 

English Study for Au Pairs Fall Weekend Schedule and Cost


How it works

You may purchase as few or as many weeks of English study as you like at any given term during the semester. The minimum number of weeks of study you may purchase is one week and the maximum number of weeks of study is six weeks. You choose the number of study weeks based on your personal situation.

Level Advancement Policy

You need a minimum of 100 hours of study to be able to take the final exam. Passing the final exam will allow you to advance to the next level.  By purchasing five or six weeks of study, you are eligible to take the final exam for advancement consideration.

If you purchase four weeks (80 hours), your teacher will give you an independent study plan (ISP) to help you achieve 20 extra hours outside of class.  The ISP is a contract between you and your instructor to ensure that you meet the minimum 100 classroom hours. If you achieve your ISP goals by the deadline date set forth in your ISP, your teacher will approve you to take the final exam. 

If you only purchase one, two, or three weeks of study, you are not eligible to take the exam and therefore, would not be able to advance to the next level. However, if you enroll in a level that is below your placed level, you are eligible to take the next level in the next term regardless of the number of hours taken.

Class Structure

Class time is spent learning and practicing English skills from Listening and Speaking to Reading and Writing and Grammar. You will study English with others who have similar English abilities.

Take the Online Placement Test

The first step is to take a placement test to determine your level. The test consists of three sections: Listening (20 items), Reading (20 items), and Language Use (30 items).  It takes about one hour to complete. There is also a placement essay, which takes 15 minutes. Testing takes place in the , located in the Hood Office Park (570 Rutherford Avenue).  . Appointments and walk-ins accepted. If you wish to make an appointment to take the placement test, please contact Jack Chan at 617-228-2157 or Sonia Sharma at 617-228-2462. Testing hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  The last test is given at 3:30 p.m.

Coming to the H Building

If you are coming to the H-Building to take the placement test, it is best to take public transportation.  Take the Orange Line MBTA train to Sullivan Station. When you exit the station, walk to Cambridge Street.  Then walk to Spice Street. Once on Spice Street, walk down to the Hood Office Park parking lot. It is a big parking lot.  Walk to building 570 (Bunker Hill Community College). Once in the building, ask the security person sitting in the lobby to bring you to see Jack Chan (H-108) or Sonia Sharma (H-109).

You also have the option to use the to get to the H-Building. The shuttle bus leaves from the G-Building located at the main campus (250 Rutherford Avenue).  For more details, visit https://www.bhcc.edu/hbuilding/.

If you are driving to the H-Building, please contact Jack Chan or Sonia Sharma.

H-Building walk from Sullivan Square MBTA