College Catalog 2012-2013



2012-2013 College Catalog PDF

Table of Contents

Academic Resources and Support

2012-2013 College Catalog PDF Pg 1
BHCC Goals Pg 2
BHCC Board of Trustees Pg 3
Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Pg 3
Academic Calendar Pg 4
DHE and Massachusetts Community College Mission Statements Pg 7
Mission of BHCC and Vision of BHCC Pg 7
Statement on Inclusion, Institutional Values and Statement on Civility Pg 8
College Profile Pg 9
Chelsea Campus Pg 10
Satellite Locations Pg 12

Admissions and Registration

Admissions and Registration Pg 13
Transfer Programs Pg 16
Articulation Agreements Pg 18
Partnerships with Secondary Schools Pg 19
Cost of Attendance Pg 20
Financial Aid Pg 23
DreamkeepersSM Pg 24
Single Stop Pg 24
Scholarships and Awards Pg 26

Academic Information

LifeMap Pg 30
Academic Advising and Assessment Pg 30
Graduation Information Pg 31
Academic Resources and Support Pg 32
Alternative Learning Pg 35
Distance Education Pg 35
Weekend College Pg 37
Midnight Courses Pg 37

Academic Policy and Procedure

Academic Policy and Procedure Pg 38
Grading and Notation System Pg 40
Satisfactory Academic Progress Pg 41
Institutional Policy Statements Pg 43

Academic and Student Services

Academic and Student Services Pg 45
General Services Pg 48
Student Activities Pg 49
Athletics Pg 49
BHCC Learning Communities Pg 50
Commonwealth Honors Program Pg 50
Community Engagement Pg 51

Programs of Study

Programs of Study Pg 52
Directory of Associate Degree and Certificate Programs Pg 54
Course Descriptions Pg 166

Community and College Resources

Boston Welcome Bank Center Pg 217
Workforce Development Center Pg 218
Act Center Pg 218
Community Education Pg 218
Bunker Hill Community College Alumni Association Pg 219
Bunker Hill Community College Foundation, Inc. Pg 219
Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery Pg 220
Facilities Rental and Conference Planning Pg 220
Administration, Faculty, and Staff Pg 221
Program Advisory Committees Pg 240
Directions to BHCC Campuses and Satellite Locations Pg 244
MBTA Subway Map Pg 247
Charlestown Campus Map Pg 248
Glossary of Academic Terms Pg 249
Index Pg 250
General Education Requirements fold-out section