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Career Exploration

Majors and Careers- What’s the connection?

Where will a BHCC major take you?

A college education can help you determine who you are and what you want to do. While many students begin college knowing what they want to study, many do not, or may change their minds during the course of their studies.

When is it important to focus your choice of major?

Your choice of major is important to make the wisest use of your time at BHCC and consider transfer and employment options early on. However, also embrace a realistic mindset that allows you to explore a variety of options initially before locking yourself in. In today’s dynamic workforce, there are hundreds of career options out there that you may not even know about. We want you to imagine the possibilities. Effective career planning involves long and short-term goals that can evolve throughout your life as you learn and grow.

If you discovered a new career path interest, do you need to change your major?

Career Coach: http://bhcc.emsicc.com

Browse this platform to easily search all of BHCC’s academic programs and how they connect to potential career paths. Search on Degrees to view associated data on local wages, job postings, and additional education or training which may be needed.

Some careers expect specific majors, others do not. In general, our programs in Allied Health and Professional Studies track more specifically to career paths, such as nursing or culinary arts. Other careers in management or service professions may draw from a much broader range of college majors. You may be able to gain the skills necessary to succeed in a variety of careers through several majors offered at BHCC.

Bunker Hill Community College offers students multiple avenues to identify their talents and reflect on their interests. These tools, combined with your own life experiences, will help you set goals for the future and develop the skills and knowledge you need to achieve them.

Follow these three important steps below to get you started in your decision-making process: 

  • Self Assessments: BHCC offers a suite of assessments to help you identify your skills, abilities, interests and personality and then match them to particular professions. Begin to develop a profile that will guide you in your research about various careers. 
  • Researching Careers: Once you have narrowed your interests to a few potential fields, you can begin gathering information about specific occupations. Information you may want to consider includes the training and education you need for specific careers, as well as the lifestyles, responsibilities and working conditions associated with them.
  • Choosing a Major: Although you do not need to make every career decision before you choose a major, making a career choice early in your academic career will help you plan accordingly to ensure the courses you take will count toward your degree. 

Student Checklist - Explore Majors and Careers 

  1. Familiarize yourself with possible majors by checking out BHCC’s online college catalogue
  2. Attend a Workshop on Choosing a Major, Career Planning
  3. Take Self-Assessments to learn more about yourself
  4. Review Career Spotlights to learn from professionals working in the field
  5. Research 3-5 Occupations to discover employment outlooks, needed education and earnings potential
  6. Identify 3 potential career paths and how they map to your choice of major
  7. Meet with a Career Counselor if you are still undecided