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Welcome to BHCConline

BHCConline: Your Source for Distance Education

BHCConline has been a leader in developing innovative methods of instructional delivery by offering the convenience and flexibility of distance education courses and a greater course selection to facilitate student success. The BHCConline curriculum is comprised of:

Web courses - available entirely via the Internet (Section "WB")
Hybrid courses - which rely on both the Internet and traditional classroom instruction (Section "HB")

Studies indicate that successful distance education learners are usually mature, self motivated, independent learners with excellent time management skills. Students who require flexible schedules and do not require traditional lecture based classes are also excellent candidates. Distance education courses involve the same (and at times, greater) academic rigor as the traditional college class. Like traditional classes, they are fully accredited and transferable to other institutions. 

Note: BHCConline Web courses are NOT self-paced courses. Yes, they allow for flexible schedules, BUT they operate very much like an in-class course, with daily and weekly deadlines that require you to be logged into the course on a regular basis. They require more reading and more interaction, so you need to understand that you will have to put more time aside weekly to stay current with an online course, as opposed to an in-class course.

Because teaching and learning in an electronic environment is relatively new, and chances are that this will be a new experience for many students, willingness to consider an alternative educational experience should be discussed with an academic advisor, faculty member, or a member of the BHCConline staff.

Distance Education does not require that the student be in a particular place at a particular time, or be physically located where the instructor happens to be. These conditions present both opportunities and challenges for students and instructors engaged in the educational process. Students engaged in distance education courses are required to establish and maintain weekly dialogue with instructors through various methods such as submitting assignments in Moodle (our LMS – Learning Management System), participating in online discussion forums, taking online assessments, WebEx sessions and via email.