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Online Advising

Academic advising at Bunker Hill Community College is an important partnership between students, faculty, and staff. Your advisor is a valuable source of support and information throughout your academic career and will help you set and achieve your academic and professional goals. Advising is available in person, through the Advising/Counseling Center. We also offer online advising as a standalone service or as a supplement to an in-person meeting.

Online advising can:

  • Provide you with program or degree requirements and help you choose courses that help you meet those requirements;
  • Provide information about registration and scheduling;
  • Provide information about other college resources, policies, and procedures;
  • Help you apply to Bunker Hill Community College

Online advising cannot:

  • Send information or answer questions about your personal records, another student's personal records, or grades by email;
  • Provide personal counseling;
  • Take a message for your instructors, such as "I will be late for class today."

Tips for using online advising:

  • To protect your privacy, never include your social security number with your email.
  • Develop an educational plan and a create tentative schedule each semester.
  • Seek career information if trying to decide on a major.
  • Have a copy of the latest course selections and catalogue available for reference;
  • Plan wisely - do not wait until the last minute to seek help.
  • Recognize when an on-campus meeting with an advisor is necessary or would be helpful.
  • Familiarize yourself with the college's web pages and online resources.
  • Help your online advisor determine how to meet your needs by being as specific and direct as possible when asking your question, and provide relevant information such as your major or curriculum year.
  • Allow at least 48 hours for a response. If your question Is complicated, allow extra time for additional research. Try re-sending your message if you have not received an acknowledgement within three working days.
  • Keep copies of all email correspondence from your online advisor, and bring copies if you are meeting face to face.

Advisors at Bunker Hill Community College are dedicated individuals who want to help you succeed in reaching your academic goals.