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Academic Innovation & Distance Education Latest Updates - Spring 2018 - Volume 2

“The mission of Academic Innovation & Distance Education (AIDE) at Bunker Hill Community College is to advance the college’s goals through the provision of innovative and effective instructional technology and digital learning resources that help students and instructors succeed. AIDE promotes inclusive, accessible, and collaborative academic technology solutions to the BHCC community.”

Director's Corner

In three short months, I’ve grown to love the BHCC community! I am inspired by the creative work being done by faculty and students on our campus. Over in AIDE, we are developing new ways to support that work. Here are a few new initiatives we are excited about:

  • Digication 2.0. BHCC’s E-portfolio platform is getting an upgrade! Faculty and staff who are interesting in using the new Digication tool are invited to join us this summer or fall to learn about the new platform.
  • Faculty Development Series. AIDE has launched a new faculty development series that offers workshops on our digital learning tools. Faculty receive compensation for joining in a workshop and incorporating a new tool into their teaching. I encourage all full and part-time faculty to complete the Provost’s professional development survey to help us determine future topics for our series.
  • Revisioning the TLITC. BHCC was a pioneer in the e-learning movement – we want to make the Bulldogs a leader in new innovations too! Last year, BHCConline and the TLITC merged to form the office of Academic Innovation & Distance Education. This fall, we’ll relaunch the TLITC with a new name, programming and opportunities to support faculty and students with learning!

While AIDE is looking to the future, there is still a lot of work to be done to help finish off the semester. I ask faculty and staff to keep an eye out for emails related to changes in our learning platforms and instructions for archiving courses that use our Moodle system. Students, if you are taking an online course, please be sure to complete your course evaluations.

I’d love to hear from you if you have other ideas for how AIDE can support your teaching and learning!

Happy Summer!

Danielle Leek
Director of Academic Innovation and Distance Education

About the AIDE Department

Faculty are invited to visit AIDE or reach out through email if you have questions about using digital tools to support learning in your classroom. If you have a teaching challenge – come talk with us. We work to find creative approaches and innovative technologies that support your teaching goals!

Students can reach out to AIDE for help navigating learning platforms – we provide in-person and online support for uploading assignments, creating E-Portfolio assignments and more! AIDE also oversees all of BHCC Online – Bunker Hill Community College’s online web courses and academic programs.

Staff Spotlight

Katie Turner, Coordinator of Online Support Services‌In this issue, we're introducing you to Katie Turner, a graduate of BHCC with an A.A. in General Studies who went on to obtain her B.A. from Wellesley College and her J.D. from New England Law Boston. For the past 11 years, Katie has been the Coordinator of Online Support Services. In this role, Katie handles various aspects of student support for the college’s distance learning students. “I serve as the primary point of contact for students interested in online degree programs and assist students in navigating the admissions and registration processes depending on their individual goals,” she shared.

At the start of each semester, Katie facilitates the online Prep Course where online students can practice with Moodle before their online courses begin. She also leads a Virtual Orientation to help familiarize students with web courses and the AIDE office in general. Katie explains, “I also coordinate student access to our online tutoring service, provide academic advisement, and help to support any online student success initiatives.”

When asked what she likes most about her role as Coordinator of Online Support Services, Katie says, “What I enjoy most about my role is being able to work directly with students who are balancing real-world responsibilities and helping them to achieve their educational goals through our online classes.” Katie Turner provides a valuable service to the college and the AIDE department. Many of our accomplished students began their academic career with Katie’s assistance. Feel free to contact her to discuss your distance learning plans at kturner@bhcc.mass.edu or call 617-228-2411.

Teaching with Technology Tip

Utilizing Respondus Monitor in Conjunction with Respondus Lockdown Browser

by Yaz Rodd. Ed. D.

The challenge for instructors working with digital learning is to find a way to ensure the integrity of an exam and the authenticity of a student while still allowing students to access online resources during an online test. In the previous issue, the use of LockDown Browser for more secure testing in a proctored environment was explored. Respondus Monitor provides more flexibility and accessibility for online student and they can take their assessment anywhere, anytime. Respondus Monitor is a companion application that integrates webcam technology (video monitoring service) with Lockdown Browser.

The benefit of utilizing the Respondus Monitor for online tests is that it serves as a deterrent to using other devices: computers, phones, calculators, textbooks, or receiving assistance from other people while taking an exam (Respondus, 2015; Sanga, 2015). Respondus records both audio and video, allowing instructors to monitor student behavior, check student ID’s or even complete oral examinations.

The University of Toledo suggests the following best practices for using Respondus Monitor:

  • Communicate to students that your course requires Respondus Monitor and a Webcam for your course exams
  • Provide a link for students to download Lockdown Browser within your course LMS
  • Create a practice test using Respondus Monitor for students to try the platform
  • Advise students to clear their Internet browsing history before starting an exam
  • Provide adequate, simple instructions for use

Students can use either an internal or external webcam with Respondus Monitor. Since Respondus Monitor uses the same downloaded Lockdown Browser product, they do not need to download any additional software to take a monitored exam.

Academic Innovation and Distance Education (AIDE) is ready to help faculty members in integrating Respondus Monitor and Lockdown Browser into their online courses.

Respondus. (2015). Respondus lockdown browser. Retrieved from http://www.respondus.com/products/lockdown-browser/index.shtml

Sanga, M. (2015). An Analysis of technological issues emanating from the faculty transition to a new Learning Management System. Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Moodle Tips

Updating Activities: Single View

by Mei Driscoll & Therese PullumMoodle Tip - Course Pinwheel Menu

If you have imported a previous semester’s content into your upcoming semester’s course site, you immediately realize that you have to address the task of updating the dates on your course activities. This can be a tedious task if you do it from the course home page, turn editing ON, and go into EDIT SETTINGS for each course activity. Moodle has implemented a feature where you can make these changes in a single view. Once you have updated all the new course activity dates, simply hit SAVE CHANGES and all your activities are updated in your course from a single view!

To change the dates on your course activities in a single view:Moodle Tip - Activity type list

  • Select “More” from your course gear/pinwheel.
  • In the “Reports” section, select “Dates.”
  • Choose the activity type (or Expand all) and begin changing the activity dates to reflect the new semester.


New Digication is Coming…

by Matthew Gomes

We are excited to announce that New Digication will be available in Fall 2018 for faculty and student use. Digication users will have the option to choose between the familiar Classic version, and the New Digication when creating e-Portfolios. This updated platform provides users the ability to customize their Portfolios in greater detail. From the simplified controls to the beautiful backgrounds, users can be more creative than ever while personalizing their portfolios.

Below are some examples of e-portfolios created using the New Digication:

AIDE Update Spring 2018 V2 Digication screenshot 1


AIDE Update Spring 2018 V2 Digication screenshot 2

We invite faculty and students to visit our Digication resources page found in the e-Portfolio directory or stop by E-230 for questions or assistance. For information on training workshops, check out our professional development website or email the BHCC E-Portfolio Team (Danielle Leek – drleek@bhcc.mass.edu, Matthew Gomes – mtgomes@bhcc.mass.edu).