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How to Register for Web Courses

Students register for web courses the same way that they register for any course at Bunker Hill. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for more details on this.

You can also go to the College’s Registration page for more registration information.

A few things to keep in mind when considering web courses:

  • Web courses (also known as online courses, which have a designation of “-WB, -WB1, -WB2,” etc.) are fully online courses. You do not need to come onto campus to take a web course, although you are always welcome to use the computers at the College to do online coursework;
  • Some web courses require that you come to campus to take a midterm or final exam. You would need to check with the individual professor for more information on this;
  • Web courses require about 6 to 10 hours of course work per week;
  • Although there is no specific time to meet during the week, web courses are not self-paced courses – meaning, they do have deadlines, just as in a standard course;
  • You need to have regular access to a computer and to a high speed Internet connection to be able to work in Moodle (the learning system where your web course would be located).