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BHCC Cares Challenge

BHCC Cares Challenge

Join the BHCC Cares Challenge!

Powered by Boston Cares, the Office of Community Engagement brings to BHCC students the chance to compete in the BHCC Cares Challenge this spring 2019!

Participating BHCC students will compete in a light and fun volunteer challenge, engaging with several volunteer opportunities in the Greater-Boston area. The BHCC Cares Challenges promotes the BHCC’s Institutional Values of Civic Engagement and Service, as well as maps to BHCC’s ILOs for ACT: contribute to community and civic wellness and GROW: form personal and global identities.

Participating BHCC students will work towards completing 100 hours by using the Boston Cares Volunteer Calendar.

Students competing in the challenge have the flexibility to individually select the volunteer opportunities that best fit their schedules. Volunteer opportunities range Monday-Sunday, all day long! Serve meals at Pine Street Inn one week, tutor high school students in math with X-Cel Education the next week, and then distribute food to low-income elders the following week. Endless options for you to choose from across the Boston area!

By the end of the BHCC Cares Challenges, students will be able to:

  • identify a community issue and how to support, advocate and take action in response to that community issue
  • connect their volunteering to their academic, personal and career goals
  • develop a civic identity and commitment to civic action as a volunteer

To Join the Challenge, here’s what you need to do!

  • Fill out the INTAKE FORM by Sunday, February 3
  • Once received by the Office of Community Engagement, you’ll get instructions to
    • Register with Boston Cares
    • RSVP for BHCC Cares Orientation during the week of February 4.
  • After you attend the BHCC Cares Orientation, you’ll sign a Challenge Commitment Sheet
  • And then you can start your hours!

Challenge Guidelines

  • BHCC Cares Challenge is open to all current BHCC students.
  • To compete, you must attend the BHCC Cares Orientation
  • BHCC Cares Challenges starts the week of February 4 and runs until Monday, May 3.
  • As you work towards 100 hours, every 25 hours you will stop and reflect on your volunteering. You will submit a one-page photo journal reflection to the Office of Community Engagement (more details will be provided by the BHCC Cares Orientation).
  • This is a great chance to volunteer with friends or in Clubs!

BHCC Cares Challenge Awards

  • Awards will be given to students who complete 100, 75, and 50 hours of service at the Community Engagement End-of-Year Celebration in May.
  • Challenge participants who complete 100 hours will receive the Presidents’ Volunteer Service Award through Boston Cares.
  • Students who complete less than 30 hours must pay back the $15.00 Boston Cares membership fee.