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About the ESL Test

Students who apply for enrollment in English Language courses may be assessed with the Accuplacer ESL WritePlacer and LOEP reading test.  The test is computerized and has two parts.  Students start with a 90 minute timed writing test before moving to the reading test.  The reading test is untimed.

A valid photo ID is required for testing. Forms of ID that are accepted:

  • University, College or School ID cards from other educational institutions
  • Government-issued ID
  • Company-Issued ID
  • Native Tribal ID
  • Temporary state ID
  • Drivers Permit
  • United States employment authorization card

Please note:

  • Scrap paper and pencils are provided to you during your test session.
  • Cell phones, calculators, translators, Apple watches, and dictionaries are not permitted in the testing room.
  • Please make alternative arrangements for childcare as children are not allowed in Testing Room and cannot be left unattended while testing.

Placement into an ESL level depends on the WritePlacer ESL and LOEP reading scores. Placement results are generally available immediately upon completion of the test.

ESL students can test twice within a six month period if the sequence of classes has not begun. Students currently enrolled in the Academic ESL program may not retest while they are enrolled in ESL coursework, but may retest once between semesters after grades are posted. Students in the Beginner ESL classes may not retest unless permission from the Community Education Department has been granted.

Accuplacer Study Guides for English and Math tests

Study guides for the following tests can be found on the Accuplacer website.

  • Next Generation Arithmetic
  • Next Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions
  • Next Generation Reading
  • WritePlacer
  • WritePlacerESL