Web Courses

Web courses (WB) are designed for self-motivated, independent learners. They contain the same course objectives as traditional classroom courses and provide convenient alternatives for learning. Students are expected to maintain a consistent pace in submitting assignments, spend between 6 -10 hours each week studying and participating in online activities, and complete all coursework by the end of the semester. It is highly recommended that students complete RDG 095 Reading Skills II and ENG 095 Writing Skills II before enrolling in an online course because courses are writing and reading intensive. Students who place out of these courses through the college's placement tests or have transfer credits in college writing from an accredited college (grade of C or better) are also eligible to enroll.

Some of the WB sections require proctored exams that are administered by AIDE staff (Room H134) in the testing room in the Center for Self-Directed Learning. If you are not able to come to campus for exams, you may make arrangements to have exams proctored at external sites.

All students new to online education are strongly urged to participate in a web course orientation option. See Distance Education for selections.