Course Schedule - How to Search for Classes

Course Schedule

A new course schedule is developed three times each year at the College - for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. It is made available online one week prior to opening of priority registration for that semester or session.

Please note that while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the College reserves the right to make changes at any time with respect to course offerings, instructors, course locations and times, services provided, cost of attendance or any other subject addressed in the course schedules.

Search for Classes

You can easily search for courses and course sections online through BHCCselfservice.

Choose the subject you’d like to browse to view all results. Use the filters along the left side of the screen to filter by location, term, day/time and more.

When you’ve found the course you’re looking for, click “View Available Sections” to see what is available during the selected semester, including each section’s number of available seats, day/time, room number and instructor.

Click on the section number hyperlink to open even more information on the course, like prerequisites, course description and textbook requirements.

Need help determining what courses are for you? Contact your advisor the Advising Center at 617-228-2230.

The course schedule can also be viewed through the Search for Sections page.

Students logged into MyBHCC/WebAdvisor can select ‘Search or Classes’ or ‘Register for Classes’ in the ‘Registration Section’.

  • Select the Term from drop down menu
  • Select the Subject from drop down menu (do not use the Course Level section)
  • Type in the Course Number (just the last three numbers)
  • If you are looking for a particular Section type (e.g. M2 or 03) type that section in.
  • If you want to see all sections, leave the section number blank and all sections being offered will appear
  • The results of your request will post.
  • Check the Available/Capacity/Waitlist column to see if seats are available. If there is a number in the first position, that is how many seats are available for registration. For example, when the availability of the class is 5/22/0, there are five seats still available; you may register for this course. When the availability of the class is zero i.e. 0/22/2; look to the Status column.

The status of a course will indicate whether course is available for registration

Course Status What this means…
Open The class is open; there are seats available for registration
Closed The class is currently filled; student can go on the waiting list
Waitlisted The class is currently filled and other students are on the waitlist; student can go on the waiting list

The section number of a course may offer additional information about the course type.

The section number is found in the “Section Name and Title” field of the course schedule. The section number could include numbers, letters or both and is found after the course subject and course number.
For example, with “BIO-105-MH2 (661515) Introduction to Biology” ‘MH2’ is the section number.

  • C or P: Combined or Paired classes - students must registered for both courses
  • DP: Departmental Placement, not available for registration
  • H#: An H following a number (i.e. ENG112-02H) - Honors courses only available to students in the Honors program or with permission of the Honors Program Directors. For more information about the Commonwealth Honors Program or to contact the program co-directors, visit the program website.
  • HB: Designates course is a hybrid course, course meets in class along with an online component
  • N: EPUT (Electric Power Utility) courses only available to students already accepted into the EPUT program (not available for students planning to apply or waiting to hear about acceptance
  • VV, ST: Special grant programs not available to the general public
  • WB: Designates that the course is a Web-Based course