Course Schedules

A new course schedule is developed and distributed three times each year at the College - for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. These publications list the academic calendar, tuition costs and a schedule of courses, days and times available for the specific semester. Note: Degree program requirements can be found online under the Programs of Study.

Students interested in applying to the College or who just want to take a course should read the Steps for Enrollment for further details, links to the online Application for Admission, and instructions on how to register for classes.

Please note that while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the College reserves the right to make changes at any time with respect to course offerings, instructors, course locations and times, services provided, cost of attendance or any other subject addressed in the course schedules.

Spring 2017 Course Schedule

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Fall 2016 Course Schedule

Fall 2016 Registration Information cover




Summer 2016 Course Schedule

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Spring 2016 Course Schedule

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Non-Credit Course Schedules

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Past Course Schedules

Course Schedule Spring 2015 Community Ed Spring 15 Schedule Cover  
Spring 2015 Course Schedule